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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > WORD OF THE DAY, Tuesday    


United Kingdom



Once again, I�m sorry for the late submission, but the WINNER hasn�t replied to my Private Message and submitted a new �Word�

�Bonnyclabber� is Tuesday�s �Word�.  What do you think that it means?

Try to define its meaning in the wittiest, most comical, or most stupid way.  If you know what it means, don�t tell us, please, but give us a silly definition of it, instead.

Remember, NO INTERNET, NO DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS � just ideas from your head!


The Member announced with the best definition WILL CHOOSE TOMORROW�S WORD.  (If you don�t want to choose a Word, let the Forum know, please.)


The Winner can find LOTS of STRANGE English words on:



The Winner will be announced at Midnight, Spanish Time.


Tuesday�s Word is bonnyclabber.

Good Luck!


19 Oct 2010      


Bonnie & Clide B had a sexual affair ...........( which is baaaaaaaad) People started calling them : Bonny & Clab.
A bonnyclabber is a Bonny & Clab fan.Approve
edit : BTW, Les, when I won the game ( I did!!! ), I pmed the winner & gave her a link Frank gave us some time ago - so that she could find �her� word of the day... Otherwise - when not a native speaker - it might be too difficult ( Well, it would be , for little me ;o)))

19 Oct 2010     


Ha ha Stexstme - that�s hilarious.
Actually, bonnyclabber is what you find in your cranny bobble.  Now what is a cranny bobble I hear you ask.  Well folks, it�s the little area in that cranny where things hide.  No doubt you�ve heard of nook and cranny (check here ).  Well that little area in each has a name; bibble and bobble.  A nook bibble and a cranny bobble.
Surprisingly enough, cranny bobble is also an anagram of bonnyclabber, but that�s all part of the pun [fun] & games that we enjoy here.

19 Oct 2010     


I didn �t know there was a "list" for the word of the day... when I won Moravc didn �t say anything about this link, so when Les won I didn �t tell him anything about that... but when you win it �s pretty easy to find a word when you know where to look for in google...

Les, maybe you should just include "if you don �t want to choose tomorrow �s word, let me know"!

take care!

19 Oct 2010     

United States

As everyon knows" bonny" means girl or woman as in: My Bonny lies over the ocean. A clabber or clapper is a device used to make electrical equipment turn on. Therefore a bonnyclabber is a device used to turn women on. Hey I didn �t choose the word.

19 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

I always thought this was a made-up word - invented by my grandfather (the auld fraud!). 

When we were kids and spent our holidays at the grandparents �, we �d pass as much daylight time as possible playing football in the gigantic mudbath the locals laughingly called a football pitch. Now, my grannie was a demon for the cleaning and when we finally dragged our manky little carcasses up the garden path, she �d be standing there, gripping a huge bucket of water threateningly. 
"Ye �re no � comin � in here covered in clabber an � glaur!", she �d say.
Well, my grandfather - whose own grandfather once played for Scotland long before the invention of showers and communal baths - would shout through a fug of pipe-smoke, "Haud yer wheesht, wumman. It micht be clabber, but it �s bonny clabber!"

From then on, he applied it to anything which annoyed my grannie, such as the television: "Whit a bonnyclabber invention thon is!"

19 Oct 2010     


The first thing I thought about was that it could mean "bony clubber", so, a really thin person who enjoys dancing, only said with a strange accent Smile

19 Oct 2010