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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Congratulations to Almaz, in Scottish.    

Congratulations to Almaz, in Scottish.

United Kingdom

Congratulations to Almaz, in Scottish.

´┐ŻLosh me, Alex!  Och, yer no glaikit!  Yer an unco braw loon, but yer aye bletherin!  Ah´┐Żll pu´┐Ż doon yer breeks and skelp yer wee erse till yer greetin, so ah wull!  Awa an play ´┐ŻCuddy-lowp-the-dykes´┐Ż wi the weans!´┐Ż

´┐ŻGood Lord, Alex!  Oh, you are not stupid!  You are an exceptionally clever boy, but you are constantly chattering!  I will pull down your trousers and smack your little bottom until you weep, I promise you!  Go away and play ´┐ŻLeapfrog´┐Ż with the children.´┐Ż

20 Oct 2010      


OMG! Can a Scottish say he´┐Żs a native English speaker?

20 Oct 2010