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"Word of the Day"

United Kingdom

"Word of the Day"


I�m sorry for the late submission, but I�ve only just arrived home, to discover that I�ve won �Word of the Day�.  Thank you, very much indeed!

�Clapperdudgeon� is the �Word�, for the remainder of Thursday and all of Friday.

What do you think that it means?

Try to define its meaning in the wittiest, most comical, or most stupid way.  If you know what it means, don�t tell us, please, but give us a silly definition of it, instead.

Remember, NO INTERNET, NO DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS � just ideas from your head!


The Member announced with the best definition WILL CHOOSE SATURDAY�S WORD.  (If you don�t want to choose a Word, let the Forum know, please.)


The Winner will be announced on Friday, at Midnight, Spanish Time.


The  ï¿½Word� is �CLAPPERDUDGEON�.

Good Luck!


28 Oct 2010      


it must be something you utter when you are totally and utterly  taken by surprise. Imagine a car accident, a car turning over several times, landing in the ditch, you expect it to go up in smoke, you virtually hear the ambulances arriving with screetching tyres - but out of the wreck climbs a young lady completly unhurt, smiling, throwing back her hair and saying "oooops...!"

Or you expect your husband to have forgotten your wedding anniversary, like the previous 198 years of your married life, you come home from work, hear soft music playing, get a wonderful whiff of something delicious in the kitchen, see a table that is set romantically or elegantly or whatever way your husband is inclined, lights out, candles on, cotton napkins and a romantic of elegant flower arrangement, whatever way your florist is inclined ... you were sure all day he �d forget again and determined to give him hell - so what escapes your lips is �CLAPPERDUDGEON�
The facial expression that goes with this word is: eyes wide open, skin suddenly pale. The sound that goes with it is "clang" , bec ause you have just dropped whatever you were carrying.

P.S. Did you hear the series of exclamation marks after

28 Oct 2010     


Clap- you know the gesture that shows enjoyment
per-for each
dud- mispelt dad
geon-mispelt gone

A group of teenagers have gone to a party escorted by their dads and every time one of them decides to leave because he feels his off-spring is safe from all kinds of dangers they start clapping with joy!

28 Oct 2010     

United States

Why do you keep picking such easy words?????? As everyone knows opera has its origins in ancient Greece. In its infancy the, proper etiquette for showing approval of the
"παρουσιάστε ",which translate as show, was to snap ones fingers vigorously. Things were fine until opera made it �s way to Italy. In Rome during the 14th century the snapping of the fingers was still considered the proper way to show gratitude for the "spettacolo". Eventually wine was begun to be served before and during the performances. After a some partaking of the fruit of the vine some of the "pubblico" became rowdy. Instead of snapping their fingers they began clapping. The other members of the "pubblico" of course were outraged and so the clappers were forced out of the "teatro all �aperto" or the open air theater and into a dungeon. After a while in protest other members of the audience began clapping as well and soon there were so many theater goers that were defying the norm that special dungeons had to be built for these people and thus we had, tah dah, clapperdudgeons. Of course the dungeons became so overcrowded that eventually the "anarchicos" had to be led out and what had been an abberation became the norm. And if you don �t beleive me you can look it up. ;-) Ed

28 Oct 2010     


Well, a clapper can either be one of those lights that turns on and off by clapping, or a person who has the clap i.e. herpes. Combine this with a dudgeon which is quite obviously a dud surgeon, so a clapperdudgeon must be either -

[i] a doctor who is obviously bad because she/he doesn �t physically use her/his surgical tools and instead expects these tools to work on their own after the doctor begins clapping [though it is sure to be much more successful than homeopathy] ;P
[ii] a doctor who fraudulently and erroneously claims he can cure herpes.

28 Oct 2010     


well, clapper sounds like "flapper" and "slapper" and dudgeon like "dungeon" so clapperdudgeon is obviously a scarlet lady who gets thrown in the (medieval) dungeon for her wanton style of dress and sexual overtures.

28 Oct 2010     


clapper = someone who claps
dud = bummer, bust, debacal,  flop, lemon, loser, washout
geon = gets right on
Clapperdudgeon is a person who always claps at his own whit, eventhough he  is not funny, because he believes he gets everything right on.  He constantly makes a debacal of himself and is a constant loser at everything he  does. Hopefully, one day this person will surely get everything right on and he will no longer be a dud.

28 Oct 2010     


clapperdudgeon: (n)
a surgeon who always clapps his/her hands to motivate  and cheer his/her patient up before starting an operation.

28 Oct 2010     

Gia Mel

clapper: person who "claps"
dude: person
on: that continuoes doing it "on and on"

So a "CLAPPERDUDgeON" is a person who can �t stop clapping as long as he/ahe lives.

29 Oct 2010