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"Word of the Day"

United Kingdom

"Word of the Day"


I arrive home, to discover that I�ve won �Word of the Day�.  Thank you, very much indeed!

�Clapperdudgeon� is the �Word�, for the remainder of Thursday and all of Friday.

What do you think that it means?

Try to define its meaning in the wittiest, most comical, or most stupid way.  If you know what it means, don�t tell us, please, but give us a silly definition of it, instead.

Remember, NO INTERNET, NO DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS � just ideas from your head!

Here are the previous submissions.



The Member announced with the best definition WILL CHOOSE SATURDAY�S WORD.  (If you don�t want to choose a Word, let the Forum know, please.)


The Winner will be announced on Friday, at Midnight, Spanish Time.


The  ï¿½Word� is �CLAPPERDUDGEON�.

Good Luck!


28 Oct 2010      

United Kingdom

I think I know this one!
Clapper= short for clapperboard
Dudgeon=mis-spelling of Dungeon
CLAPPERDUNGEON= The place where they put Melissa Wilkes after she Mis-pronounced
"Grand-Prix" as  "Grand-Pricks" on Live Saturday morning children �s TV.

28 Oct 2010     


the room they make you stay in after you �ve caught a "social disease".  Where people with really lousy seats in an auditorium applaud at the end of the show?

29 Oct 2010     


My definition:
Clap, to produce sounds with the hands
dudgeon= like dungeon, for that
clapperdudgeon= who claps for to be inside a dungeonErmmEmbarrassed

29 Oct 2010     


A clapper is the part of a bell that moves inside to make the noise.
High dudgeon is a feeling of anger, being indignant.
clapperdudgeon is what a campanologist feels when the bell ringing practice goes wrong, there are wrong notes, but it isn �t his fault.

29 Oct 2010     

United States

Clapper - a musical instrument that operates by the quick clapping of two pieces of wood together
Dud - something that doesn �t work
Geon - An alternative spelling of the proper name "John"

So therefore, clapperdudgeon is a non-working musical instrument made by John...possibly the childish makings of a young John Dopyera, whose other musical inventions led to the invention of the electrical guitar.

29 Oct 2010     

David Lisgo

It is a mathematical term which is used to refer to silent thunder, a very rare phenomenon, which occurs only a small number of times in any geological period. Mathematicians have estimated that only 17 clapperdudgeons occured during the whole of the Jurassic period. How they worked that out, I have no idea but then I am just an English teacher, which means I can tell you more about why it is called a "clapperdudgeon" in the first place.
clap: a clap of thunder
per: every
dud: something that fails to explode
g: geological
eon: a long period of time 

29 Oct 2010