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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > New WORD OF THE DAY (Oct. 30 th)     

New WORD OF THE DAY (Oct. 30 th)


New WORD OF THE DAY (Oct. 30 th)

I was very honoured to be chosen the winner of the definition of yesterday �s word of the day CLAPPERDUDGEON  (today you should make me the queen of lousy prepositional phrases, after the sentence I have just written..., sorry, couldn �t find a more elegant way of putting it) 

How exciting!

So, ladies and gentlemen, today �s WORD OF THE DAY is

 ~~~anophistograph ~~~

 You know the rules of the competition. Don�t look it up, don�t google it, and if you know what it means, either keep your knowledge to yourself or join in the creative, crazy definition game forgetting the real meaning of the word. If you�re Greek, just turn off the mother tongue centre in your brain and start guessing wildly because, of course, this elaborate word comes from Greek and we�d hate you to win just because you had the luck to be born in this beautiful country and learn the elegant language spoken there.

 The rule is that the winner is declared at midnight Spanish time. Well, tonight there will be some confusion about time in Europe as the clocks are being set back an hour, and I�m usually asleep at midnight. But I promise, I�ll look at your entries first thing tomorrow morning (Spanish time) and choose a winner.

Have fun!


P.S. My name comes from Greek, too Wink

30 Oct 2010      


Dear Gift of God ( Greek),
I �m sorry to tell you that you �re wrong ...This does not come from Greek( except the last bit ..), but from ..Old English.
An = ...an / Ophis = old form of office / Tograph = thingy used for writing.
Anophistograh = Ancestor of the typewriter.
Have a nice day/week end!

30 Oct 2010     

miss K.

I suggest that this word is of latin and greek back ground. "Ano" comes from Latin and means a" year" (Like in Ano Dominnio - "year of the Lord" , not sure for my Latin spelling though), "phis" is a greek way to write the english word "fist" and "graph" stand for writing, perhaps images. So the cimpined meaning of it is that "anophistograph" a a machine that was used to take annual pictures of the people �s fists (it works like copy machine) for purposes of contests, investigations or somethng similar.

30 Oct 2010     

United States

I �m not going to elaborate on the WOD but suffice to say that the word refers to photographs taken by  Robert Mapplethorpe .

30 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

That �s disgusting, Ed, and you only beat me to the same conclusion by a matter of minutes Evil Smile

30 Oct 2010     

Mariethe House

I can �t believe there are so many ignorant people on this site!!!

Isn �t it obvious that we are here talking about ANOPHIS the Egyptian god represented by a gigantic snake and symbolizing Evil trying to destroy the process of Life every morning and every night!
Here is a picture for you to learn from this WOD thread that was threatened a few days ago of disappearing under the influence of some anophistic adept.

As for the second part of the word

To is the preposition indicating movement and direction

and finally:Graph is the original Greek form of �graphie � synonym of �writing �

Therefore, to cut a story short, Anophistograph :  The hieroglyphic representing Anophis the


If you see this graffiti on walls, BEWARE!!

Please my Greek goddess Dorothea, I don �t want to win because when I did in the past, I

 messed everything up and am afraid I will make the same blunder again!

30 Oct 2010     

United States

LOL... Great minds Almaz, Great minds.

30 Oct 2010     

United States

Here �s my "daffynition":

ano - dealing with the site of defecation (the nicest way I could think of to say it)

phis - alternate spelling of "phiz," slang for face

to - to

graph - writing or image

So taken together, "to take a picture of a person with his or her face in the rear end, also called brown-nosing"

Is that close to what you meant by Mapplethorpe pictures, Ed?

30 Oct 2010     

United States

@ Moody: Not quite. Google Robert Mapplethorpe then think ano phist graph .

30 Oct 2010     


Dear "Gift of God" - In Hebrew your name would be "Matan El" or "Shai El" - the first is usually given to boys and sometimes to girls - the second is really rare - I �ve heard it only once.

and my friend Forest LOL  in Hebrew your name would be "Y�ara"
First time I �m trying...
mephisto (mephistopheles) is a German demon.
anophisto is his even darker brother - he invades your soul and turns you in a demon - and as he invades your soul - he leaves his graph - his distinctive signature -on your shoulder.
This mark is called an "anophistograph" - I hope nobody finds it on his/her shoulder.
Just for funLOL
have a nice day, Dorothea and everyone.

30 Oct 2010     

United States

@Aimee  You got me worried. What does that mark look like???

30 Oct 2010     

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