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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > REPORTED SPEECH !!!!!!!!!!!!    

REPORTED SPEECH !!!!!!!!!!!!


REPORTED SPEECH !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody

I �ll teach  "Reported speech"  next week. I want to teach it in an easy and enjoyable way. 
Have you got any ideas to teach Reported speech? 
 How do you teach it in your classes?
Thanks a lot....Hug

30 Oct 2010      


why the shouting and the exclamation marks???

AAHHHHHHHH - I understand.
You are DEAF and use your deafness to teach reported speech??
Is that why you shout at us in your headline?

That �s how I teach reported speech. I tell my students to imagine a family party. They are sitting next to their deaf grandma who is cross because she can �t understand the conversation and keeps asking: WHAT DID HE SAY???    WHAT �S THAT SHE SAID???
and they have to "translate" everything into reported speech for their grandma

30 Oct 2010     


exclamation marks were for taking attention to the subject. I never shout at my friends :)

It is a good idea to use DEAF GRANDMA..
Thanks a lot.

30 Oct 2010     

teacher jessie

Gossip about your friends is a good idea. Students work in pairs they have to say 5 sentences about themselves. After that, they change partners, they tell the new partners what they first fellow student had told them.

31 Oct 2010     


I agree with Jessie, gossip is my favourite way of teaching reported verbs, along with journalism and the media. For reporting verbs I like to look at crime, but it can just as easily be used with reporting verbs, such as bribery and corruption...

31 Oct 2010     


The best way to teach reported speech is to stick to the following steps if you opt for the communicative approach:

1- Start discussion: ask students about the things they like to do in their spare time. ( there are many topics u can talk about. It depends on the English level of ur students)
2- At the same time try to ask questions about what their friends have just said.

  You get responses like: Amir says that he loves swimming in his free time etc. .
Then u can move to reporting verbs in the past or others like : advise, suggest, warn etc;

3- then u can write the rules on the board with more examples.

U should focus ur lesson on one or two elements so as not to tire ur students out.

good luck.

31 Oct 2010     

class centre

have a look at the steps I use for reported speech skills training
hope it � �l help

31 Oct 2010     


Thank you all. Now, my lesson plan is more clear in my mind.
Have a nice SundaySmile

31 Oct 2010