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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > need help for conversation topics    

need help for conversation topics


need help for conversation topics
Actually ,I am teaching phonetics to my small ss and grammar to little bigger ss,but now parents have come to me &  are asking me to start "conversation class" with my ss.coz accord to them If they r learning phonetics but cannot converse in English at school...It makes no sense.So my class is for 90 min .what we r planning is 60 min we will do phonetics & grammar & the other  30 min we can do open conversation with the ss,which wod help them to have a free talk as well as understand the sentence structure.
So can anybody help me to have a converstion topic thro the whole year.Or do u have a link which talks @ a picture or something like that.
Thanks in advise.I am sure I m at the right place to get my answert.
Hema Chandra

4 Nov 2010      


Write "conversation" or "speaking" in the search engine, you �ll get lots of ws with good topics + p�cs !

4 Nov 2010     


Check these out:

http://iteslj.org/questions/ (lots of topics + questions to use)

and many, many more on the web.

...And let �s not forget our very own masters in conversation worksheets:
and many more, which I hope will not be mad at me for not remembering themErmm...Philip and Joe are just the first ones that popped into my head.

P.S. @ aliciapc:

4 Nov 2010