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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Gifted and Talented Children    

Gifted and Talented Children


Gifted and Talented Children
Hello, dear collegues!

Are there any educational programs for gifted  and talented children and young people in your countries?

4 Nov 2010      


This is a message from angry and disappointed magneto:
No, there aren �t...The way things are going, pretty soon we won �t even have simpler educational programs here...Damn our bloody governments and the bloody IMF!
...Pardon my French.

Edit: P.S.: Can�t wait to hear what�s happening in the civilized world.

4 Nov 2010     


Hey magneto, you are not alone in this!
I guess we (in Latvia) were the first to experience the steely clamp of IMF �s hand!

To ratatuy - I have only heard about programmes for weak students but never for the gifted. I suppose governments think they are good anyway so why bother....:((

4 Nov 2010     


Two in distress  makes sorrow less. As I can see, Spain is not different either. I have a gifted boy in one of my classes and the only solution they found to make him feel better at school was to put him in a superior course (I �m not sure about this expression) or pass him a course. I think it was a mistake because he is a child who doesn �t fit in the group because his mentality is the one of a younger boy in spite of his incredible intelligence.

4 Nov 2010