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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Needing New Ideas    

Needing New Ideas

Jennings Teacher
Korea, South

Needing New Ideas
I like to use reading texts in my regular class lessons. I usually use texts from ESL books and make my own activities to go with them. However, I �m getting board with the same listen and fill in the blanks activity that usually have them do.

What else could I do that would keep the students listening and attentive throughout the reading and help them practice both reading and listening? I can �t think of anything besides listen and fill in the blanks. I need some ideas. Please help me.

7 Nov 2010      

United States

Filling in the blanks won �t help them learn to write whole sentences.

You could write questions for comprehension and have them answer with
whole sentences.

You could pair them off and have them write an alternative ending.
You could make groups and have them re-write the story as a short play
where they act if out for the rest of the class.

You have have them make posters, memory cards.

You can make word searches, crossword puzzles, board games, "how many words can you make from these letters" puzzles using the title of the chapter.

They can re-write the story in another time and place. Different characters.
The can turn the story into a radio program or make a short film starring themselves.

Just some ideas.

7 Nov 2010     


Someone else posted this and I think it�s really interesting. Sts get to fill in words in a karaoke using songs from youtube. 
It might not be exactly what your looking for, but it might help you change the pace a little and if students like it perhaps  they even do some listening on their own time.
Also sts can register and keep track of their scores.. so maybe you can even encourage a little healthy competition!

Hope it helps!

7 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

I had been collecting and making reading games/activities for quite a long time.
Here is a collection of 100 reading activities I uploaded.
Some of these activities might suit your students...

Hope it helps.
Don �t worry, be creative....
Maybe ask your students what THEY want to do with the story / listening / audio...

7 Nov 2010     

Jennings Teacher
Korea, South

Thank you, everyone. Your ideas have proved most useful. ^^

11 Nov 2010