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Alyona C.


Hi friends,

I need your help.

1) I read it ... a book. (in or from?) I think -�in

2) Do you like to lend books ... your friends? (from or to?) I think - to

I want to describe a classroom what should I say:

1) In front of the room or at the beginning of the room there is a blackboard.

2) In the back or at the end of the classroom there is a bookcase.

Thanks in advance.

7 Nov 2010      


1. in a book (You would only use from a book in a phrase like: I �ve borrowed this quotation from a book.)
2. to your friends (you lend sth to sb, you borrow sth from sb - lend OALD, borrow OALD)

1. at the front of the room (the position that is in the direction that somebody/something is facing, e.g. There �s a garden at the front of the house. - check OALD for the different contexts - and, accordingly, prepositions - in which you can use front as a noun)
2. in/ at the back of the classroom (OALD)

Hope I �ve helpedSmile

7 Nov 2010