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Hello! I am currently searching for new classroom techniques for ages 7-17years old. I realize this is a wide range but since I teach classes for these ages in different groups its not so bad. For example, my 7 years old class is all 7-8 and my 15 year old class is all 15-17 years old.

I am searching for material that is "outside the box" something that will give my students plenty to think about in English and create a teamwork experience.

I am willing to try science experiments, history lessons, just about anything ( except for math! I am horrible in this subject). I am hoping to create a CONVERSATION environment that will interest them and teach them about something new.

Since my school is an afterschool program the students tend to be a little sleepy and I need to entertain them while introducing them to new vocabulary.

If anyone has a reference or book that they suggest please PM me or post to this link. I have been searching on my own but thought it would be a great idea to ask you wonderful teachers.

10 Nov 2010      


Hi Kohaku,

When we did an English summer camp with students aged 8-12, we took ideas from the book Imaginative Projects.  We had a fashion show, invented new planets, made volcanoes with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  We had a couple of lessons based around the vocabulary/grammar they would need and then they split into groups to prepare something to show the rest of the class.

Hope that helps :)

10 Nov 2010     


Hello Kohaku,

I have been using the resource book Learner-based Teaching by Oxford University Press for a while and it has given me a lot of ideas how to make lessons more interesting. There are suggestions for all skills and all ages. You won �t regret if you buy it.

10 Nov 2010