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Czech Republic

I would like to ask you a favour. Can you advise me a song you use for teaching conditionals? My students have problems with them and it could help them.
Thank you very much for your advice.

10 Nov 2010      


How about If I had a hammer?
You might also want to try these - found them on http://www.musicalenglishlessons.org/index-ex.htm:
I don �t want to talk about it (Rod Stewart)
With a little help from my friends (The Beatles)

10 Nov 2010     

Russian Federation

If you go to Rome



If you go to Rome                                   __________________

You�ll see the Coliseum                          __________________

If you go to London,                                _____________________

May be you�ll see the Queen.                  _____________________

If you stay with me,                                 _____________________

You won�t see anything,                          _____________________

But you�ll be very happy                         _____________________

That�s for sure.                                         _____________________



             If you climb this mountain,                   _____________________

             You�ll be above the noisy crowds.        _____________________

             If you catch a jet-plane,                         _____________________

             You�ll see above the clouds.                 _____________________

             If you stay with me,                              _____________________

             You won�t see anything,                       ______________________

             But you�ll be very happy                      _______________________

             That�s for sure.                                     _______________________


If you leave me now,                 ___________________________

I�ll be very lonely.                     ___________________________

If you walk away,                      ___________________________

I�ll search around for you          ___________________________

If it takes a year,                        ___________________________

I�ll find you, my darling,           ___________________________

And you�ll be very happy         ____________________________                                     

That�s for sure.                          ____________________________



           If I make some money,                          __________________________

           Will you come and live with me?          __________________________

           If I make some money,                          __________________________

           Will you change your mind?                 __________________________

           If I ask you nicely,                                 ___________________________

           Will you make a cup of tea?                  ___________________________

           Then I�ll be very happy                         ___________________________


10 Nov 2010     


One of us by Joan Osborne   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USR3bX_PtU4

10 Nov 2010     


If you had a million dollars�


If you were a sailboat


10 Nov 2010     


Hello Danka

Check this site http://lyreach.com/. The site finds a song depending on what words in its lyrics you are looking for.

Write a phrase, for example, If I were a.... in the search box and you will be given a song which contains the phrase. That way you can find many popular grammar structures used in songs.

10 Nov 2010     

United Kingdom

@ Baiba, How do you find all these great sites you post on here?
I have been looking for just such a site for ages with no success.
I guess I must have looked in all the wrong places.
Thank you

10 Nov 2010     


Find them by dozens by browsing the net 24/7! :)))))

10 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

You are absolutely amazing:) Thank you so much for your help! Danka

10 Nov 2010