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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > ..is it silently ???    

..is it silently ???


..is it silently ???


I need some help..please

    In front of a jury, I īll present a reading comprehension lesson. I chose a short text. But the question is that: do students have to read the text loudly or silently?

I personnally used to ask my pupils to have a silent reading.

If you were in the jury īs shoes, what would you focus on ?

Thank you in advance


12 Nov 2010      


Sometimes it depends on the pupils ī age. In our schools the inspectors demand that we ask pupils to read loudly but with the task: find and read the answer to the question...where is it written about?...who said that...in what paragraph(or line) you can find the info about...  something like that. Good luck!

12 Nov 2010     


It depends on what kind of text it is. If I have the pupils read an article (magazine, newspaper), I never let them read it out loud (because it īs not authentic then, nobody reads it out loud in real life). If it īs a short dialogue,they can read it out loud. Sometimes there are words they don īt know, so they won īt be able to pronounce them correctly. That īs why I īve always learned never to let pupils read new texts out loud. 

12 Nov 2010     


If I were "one of the jury", I would give the student a moment or two to read it over before asking them to read the passage out loud. Even native speakers like to have a moment or two to know what they are going to be reading before they have to read it out to somebody.Seems like the fairest option to me.

12 Nov 2010     


in France, we say that to read aloud a text you need to have understood it... so if you want to ask your pupils to read aloud the text, it should come after they worked on the text and made sure they understood it...
have a nice evening

12 Nov 2010     

United States

Baadache, I don īt know your situation. I īm going to "nitpick" a little. As ELOJOLIE274 alludes, you probably want to use the adverb "aloud" or "out loud" instead of "loudly." "Loudly" means with a lot of noise or high volume. I īm just guessing, but I īd bet that you don īt want the students to SHOUT when they read.
English is just crazy like that...

12 Nov 2010