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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD: Round Two    

WOD: Round Two

United States

WOD: Round Two
Here is round two of the WOD for those who live on the otherside of the world:
Gabitza has chosen to honor me with the right to select the next word of the day (WOD).  There are�so many w�nderful words out there and so many creative people on here that it makes it fun and difficult at the same time.  I hope my WOD will stimulate your creativity and add some fun and contemplation to your day. 
(Yesterday �s word was "zenzizenzizenzic" - the eighth power of a number)
Without further ado, here �s the new word:
"You know the rules of the competition. Don�t look it up, don�t google it, and if you know what it means, either keep your knowledge to yourself or join in the creative, crazy definition game forgetting the real meaning of the word."

17 Nov 2010      


that �s obvious..
hoghenhine is the name for the offspring of a hog and a hen.
Seeing how a hog is a castrated swine, he isn �t able to father offspring without a little intervention.
Since he already got us intervening to ease our conscience about thwarting his chance for natural offspring, he decided to use the opportunity AI offers to mix his genes with the real love of his life, the courtyard hen.
Modern science stops at nothing so now they are the proud parents of a hoghenhine, a combination of a hen and a swine.
(Dad insisted on including a reference to �swine � since, despite him being a hog -read: castrated-, he managed to have this wonderful albeit dubious baby, allowing him to reconnect with his inner original swine-ness)

17 Nov 2010