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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > IT or THEM ? What ´s correct?    

IT or THEM ? What ´s correct?


IT or THEM ? What ´s correct?
IT  or THEM? What ´s correct?
If I find 100 €, I will take it / them to the police.
If I find 100 euros, I will take them to the police.
If I find a 100€ bank note, I will take it to the police.
Thanks for your help!
Have a nice day  lcio

17 Nov 2010      


When we talk about amounts and quantities we usually use singular determiners, verbs and pronouns, even if the noun is plural.

Wher is that five punds I lent you?
Twenty miles is a long way to walk.
We ´ve only got five litres of petrol left. ~ That isn ´t enough.
Information taken from Practical English Usage by Michael Swan
I hope it helps you

17 Nov 2010     


I think that, since you ´re talking about money, the pronoun should be "it" , even if you say "euros".
Maybe a native speaker could offer some more practical help.

17 Nov 2010     



The thing with money in its general sense is that it is an abstract notion.  Money is not thought of as a unity in itself.  We do not count one money, two moneys.  When we say we count money we mean that we count currency which is the measurement for money.  We count one Euro, two Euros, three Euros and so on...

 Nevertheless there is a rule that says Time and money are singular. Yes, twenty- five is plural, and the word Euros is plural, but you would write “Twenty-five Euros is all I need to buy that book .

 hope this helps!


Alex Carr

17 Nov 2010     

Mariethe House

Nice to see you back Alex and thank for this mastery you show in your grammar explanations.Smile

17 Nov 2010     


Thanks for your help!

17 Nov 2010