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ESL forum > Teaching material > Traditional festivals in Pakistan?    

Traditional festivals in Pakistan?

New Zealand

Traditional festivals in Pakistan?
Hi everyone!

This might seem like a strange request but I am interested in what the main important festivals are that are celebrated in Pakistan.

I teach English in Sweden to children who are from countries that have English as their official language.
I get to go around various schools having 1:1 (or small group) 40 minute lessons with children of all different ages and levels.

One aim of what my job is, is to make sure that the child can continue to learn about their "home" country even though they are living here-(traditions, festivals and all sorts of cultural things) - while continuing to develop their English skills.

I have never had a child from Pakistan until now- my other students are from the usual English speaking countries- and I want to make sure that this student (7 years old) gets to learn about Pakistan and the things that are important.

If you have time can you please let me know of any important festivals after December and their dates- that way I can research them and prepare lessons for him. I am just a bit lost about where to start!

Many thanks!!!
(I have sent this message to a few of the Pakistani members but as far as I can tell maybe only two have dropped in recently.... So I thought I would post it here as well)


22 Nov 2010      

United States

No idea about Pakistan - but it sounds like you got yourself a great job!
Congrats Cheezels!!!!Hug

22 Nov 2010     


Hi Cheezels, no idea ! But I found these sites interesting,
especially the third one. Good luck !

22 Nov 2010     

New Zealand

Thanks.. I have looked on the internet too... but it seems like a tricky one as depending where you are from and which customs you follow there seems to be different ones...

I am going to talk to the parents... but I wanted to not be completely ignorant about what is celebrated... :-(

Yep Lisa it is a wonderful job. Unfortunately not permanent and not full time. I am 80% now and have a guarantee of at least 50% till Summer. However, there is one person on long term sick leave and if they come back I have no job I guess. They have been off since Jan... but I think they have to come back at some point early next year or they lose their job altogether.

It is a dream job! Varied and never dull with awesome kids from all over the world- well from countries that have English as an official language and there are a lot more countries than I ever realised! :-)

22 Nov 2010