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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Word of the Day - Spondulicks    

Word of the Day - Spondulicks

Czech Republic

Word of the Day - Spondulicks
Today �s word of the day is:

No cheating! No dictionary definitions, please!
Please share YOUR OWN ideas!

So far we have had some really interesting definitions:
-behavior of your dog when you get home from work: spontaneous licks
original name of Spanx slimwear, but unfortunately a stripper of the same name sued for copyright and they had to change the name lol my mind is in the gutter and it �s going to stay there for this word
Sponge that dutifully licks your place clean for you
a meal or an item of food that people, especially children, love very much and can �t get enough of
Sparkling POuNDs DO Lucky trICKS

You have 60 minutes to play Wink

23 Nov 2010      

United Kingdom



Clearly, this communication contains a concordance of contextual classical culinary and confectionery connotations characterising the communicative competence of catch-phrase code-switching of a catenative category concerning Costa Rica.


Or, at first, I thought it did, but then I realised that it didn�t!


I saw Spondulicks and it suddenly dawned on me that Spon was the original author of SPON�S ARCHITECTS� AND BUILDERS� PRICE BOOK, first written 134 years ago.  In it, Spon makes it clear that the purpose of �scaffolding� is to gain access to a building.


However, �scaffolding� does not �support� a building, as numerous academics appear to suggest, when they want to say: �giving support to a learner� and they unadvisedly use the term �scaffolding a learner�, following Lev Vygotsky�s theory regarding the Zone of Proximal Development.


This error gives us our first clue to the meaning of Spondulicks.


A �fondue� is a cheese sauce into which bread is dipped.  The originators were, of course, the Celts, with their bread and melted cheese, �Welsh Rarebit�.  Unfortunately, due to a typing error, the Swiss were given credit for this delicacy, instead of for the famous �Swiss Roll�, made of sweet sponge cake.  (When one realises how mountainous Switzerland is, the error is understandable).


A �spondue� is a sweet version of the fondue, using sponge and sweet cream, developed in the Iberian Peninsula.  The original name was a Spanish-Portuguese combination, �Esp-onde�.  (�Onde� is Portuguese for �Where?� which was usually the cry of the last guest at the communal bowl, searching for the final remnant of the delicacy).  The ultimate syllable, �Licks�, is obvious.


I hesitate to go into more detail, in case I am again criticised for my inaccurate linguistic knowledge, my poor geographical acumen, and my inadequate terpsichorean ability.


Suffice to say that, because of dynamic linguistics, and also due to numerous philological influences on the Celtiberian language of the Celtiberi tribes in Spain, the word has transmogrified into �Spondulicks�, but the final syllable, �Licks� actually refers to �Lips�.


Spondulicks is a type of sweet, soft, sensuous embrace, like a French kiss, but on Spanish or Portuguese territory.



23 Nov 2010     

Greek Professor

Geezzzz Les...

Just love how you go into detail....I really love reading your definitions...
Spondu...has to do with the..Spondylos. eg. Spine...
LICKS....mmm! well the process of licking...
So... somebody licking the spine ( back)...
Have a nice night...

23 Nov 2010     


Nope. spondulicks is definitely a new kind of candy from Hogwarts - some sort of a lillypop made from some special magical plant which grows only in the gardens there... Has a magical effect on teenagers - their ears start steaming if they lie after they �ve eaten it... The effect, however, wears off within 24 hours...

23 Nov 2010     

United Kingdom

"Lillypop" - love it. If only it were true, alas. It �s an eggcorn, unfortunately.  Remember �spudulike �? Well, this is a mispronunciation of a malapropism of a mondegreen referring to the fancy dessert courses supplied by this venerable Edinburgh company. It was originally �sponges-u-like � but since it is universally accepted that �Edinburry fowk � have serious dental problems (see �Trainspotting �), �sponges-u-lick � became the inevitably preferred term but this itself was further debased until it had to seek refuge with its old mother - at which point it adopted the commercially more euphonious �Spondulicks �. 

23 Nov 2010     


 It refers to An old story thAt is known Among very few people. Before writing Goldilocks And the three beArs, the Grimm brothers wrote SPONDULICKS And the three ostriches.
It remAined unsuccessful. Nobody knows why.

23 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot for joining the game! I love all your witty daffynitions! Thumbs Up

The winner is Anitarobi !
A Hogwart lollipop - what a delicious idea !

At first glance one might think this might be a super-duper scoop of indescribably delicious ice-cream used to woo a winsome wench. On second thought, it might be what a "sponger" does who drops in out-of-the-blue, (usually around suppertime), for a free meal.
The latter might be closer to the truth...as spondulicks is an American slang term for money or cash (which the sponger never seems to have enough of in his pocket to pay for his drink, his meal, or your �s for that matter.)

source: http://www.squidoo.com/weird_words#module3362154

24 Nov 2010     

United Kingdom

Dear Isabelle99,
Could you please e-mail me a copy of the the Grimm Brothers story, " SPONDULICKS And The Three Ostriches"?
I need it for my students on Monday, as a follow-up to the previous Children �s stories, "The Snoring Princess", and "The Phantom Raspberry-Blower of Old London Town".
I will be externally graceful.

24 Nov 2010     


You were all so hilarious!!! 

24 Nov 2010