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Word of the Day (WOD)

United States

Word of the Day (WOD)
Hello all my international friends!
I have been selected as the "Word of the Day King" for today--shower me with Daffadowndillies!  I doubt I will ever see the promised $1,000,000, but there are more important things in life than money.
Without further ado, here is the newest Word of the Day:
Please have fun and be creative, but don �t give us any "web" definitions--anybody can cut and paste a definition.

26 Nov 2010      


To be dipped in something ( dip ) and addicted to it ( mania).
 My kids and I have this chocolate dipsomaniaWink 

26 Nov 2010     


dip-so-mania, a.k.a. dipaholism: An obsession (> mania) with dipping (bread, bread sticks etc.) into sauces and the like, a lot (> so much > so).
People here in Greece tend to suffer a lot from that condition: It is called "papara (παπάρα)-mania" or "ladobouki (λαδομπούκι)-mania" and the main symptom is dipping your bread in the olive oil of your salad until there �s no olive oil (with just a flavour of tomato, onion and feta cheese) left.
...I must confess I suffer from that disease, too...I think I should join the DA (Dipaholics Anonymous) or else I �ll probably end up looking like this:

26 Nov 2010     


Dipsomania characterizes those women who have  strong inclination to fall in love with

men (man) suffering from deep irritating psychotic symptoms. Cry

"That guy isn �t for her, he �s too cheerful, she �s rather dipsomaniac, you know."

26 Nov 2010     


LoL, Chud!!!
I hadn �t realised I was a dipsomanic until today!!!!!!!

You �ve opened my eyes Beer

26 Nov 2010     

United States

a medical condition involving an uncontrollable craving for dip

26 Nov 2010     


it �s those people who secretly love Dipsy of the Telletubbies, but would never confess it in public... they have bedsheets with Dipsy, bathroom tiles and towels with Dipsy, etc....Wink

26 Nov 2010     



Wellcome to the Deeply Impressed (by) Psychotic men Club! Wacko

26 Nov 2010     


Dipsomania is a medical condition also as sleepswimming. Like sleepwalking, the sufferer goes one step further by swimming, or taking a dip, in the nearest swimming pool while still asleep. The swimmer swims a few laps, gets out of the pool, and goes back to bed without ever waking up. In the morning, he is awakened, not by coffee perking in the pot, but by a strong smell of chlorine. Confused, he gets out of bed and heads for the shower, thinking, I �ve got to change my laundry detergent to unscented. It �s the official medical term for this terrible condition.

27 Nov 2010