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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > to + gerund.. help..     

to + gerund.. help..


to + gerund.. help..
Just found a book entitle "The Porn Trap - The essential guide to overcoming problems caused by Pornography"
Why does it use �to+overcoming"? how about if the title is "The Porn Trap - The essential guide to overcome problems caused by Pornography"?
can somebody tell me the differences between those two titles and when to use to+gerund?
Thank for your help.. Tongue

4 Dec 2010      


prepositions take gerund that �s why we use gerund after them. to is a preposition here.Noun+preposition+gerund .Be guide to is a prepositional phrase.

4 Dec 2010     


This is one of the most confusing aspects of the language .
In this case "to" function as a preposition.
Prepositions are always followed by the -ing form of the verb .
So, do not confuse this with the infinitive form of a verb , in which "to" function as part of the verb rather than as a preposition.

some phrases are:

Look forward to + _____ing
What do you say to + _____ing
be opposed to + ____ing
contribute to + ____ing
fall to + ____ing
with a view to +  _____ing

Alex Carr

4 Dec 2010