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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Asking for fresh ideas!    

Asking for fresh ideas!

Russian Federation

Asking for fresh ideas!
Hi, guys!

I need some advice from you. On Monday I īll have a lesson of poetry. My 20 years old sts   have a task to learn a poem  by Robert Burns and a sonnet of Shakespeare by heart. It will be our last meeting in this semester ( they have already written the grammar tests). I īd like to plan the lesson so that it will not be boring and formal.
Have you got any experience of the similar lessons? Could you share yr ideas, please? Thank you very much in advance.


18 Dec 2010      


What level are your ss?
You could give them the "old English" words from the sonnet or the poem and have them guess the modern English equivalents. Omit some of the rhymes in the poem let your ss guess them. Look for some audio with a native speaker reciting the sonnet. Find some interesting facts about the authors or the history behind the writings you īre going to teach. Finally offer the ss to write their translation.

18 Dec 2010     

Russian Federation

Thanks, Sopia for yr kind reply, I appreciate yr very useful advice very much.
I īve already done all these things in a proccess of learning the poems.....

18 Dec 2010     


Dear Savvinka, what is the poem about? What about acting the contents of the poem. for example, pretend it īs a conversation so they can play with the intonation. Ss would say the poem as if they were having a conversation, but the point is that Ss really act the lines, with body language and gestures. Or something I īve done with songs is to print emoticons (faces: happy, sad, angry, ghost, etc). Ss would have to say the lines of the poem according to the face you show, I mean, say the poem in a sad tone, happy, excited, angry. It can be really fun!! You can make it paragraph by paragraph, or line by line. HOPE THESE IDEAS WORK FOR YOU :)!

18 Dec 2010     

Russian Federation

Thank you, Mayrasiu!
What a good idea!

18 Dec 2010