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images from an esl book


images from an esl book
i �ve prepared an activity for my pupils using images from a French ESL book. I �ve read the rules again, and if i �m correct i �m not allowed to upload it here - even if I �ve added my own exercices, included the key... but I still want to share it with you - totally free of charge of course!

it �s a cartoon called "a mind to murder", you have several tasks to do (describe the pictures, match the paragraphs with the right pictures...), a small "grammar corner" about the preterit/simple past, and other questions to train your pupils to better understand texts they read!
it �s designed for intermediate learners (A2 -> B1)

So if you �re interested: http://www.mediafire.com/?fo7euwb0jbirb (link updated at 8pm - one document is partly in French, the other one is only in English - or so I hope...)



2 Jan 2011      


ESL stands for "English as a Second Language". French has nothing to do with ESL, and I can �t see anything against FSL books. Unless Victor wants to add that prohibition among his rules (or someone wants to do it in his place) I don �t see why you can �t upload. Of course if the cartoon is copyrighted (see if its use is allowed for classroom) it is infringing the rules - but people has to prove it when reporting.
I understand that we should protect everyone �s copyright - not only ESL printables or ESL books - but the reporting thing also should rely on the site rules, not on the person �s beliefs (that might differ from the site rules sometimes).

2 Jan 2011     

class centre

Dear Elodie! Thanks a lot for your  friendliness! Your post is of great use for me. As soon as the new term starts, I �ll use it at my lesson with the bigger sts. They �ll definitely love it.
happy New Year and good luck!

2 Jan 2011     


Dear Elodie,

Very interesting and useful work. Thanks a lot !

Happy new year to you !


2 Jan 2011     


thank you for your comments!
Zailda, I scanned the images - and text - in an ESL book, published by French editors (that �s why I said "French ESL book"...) - but I suppose they are copyrighted... that �s why I didn �t want to publish it - and I don �t need the points anyway, I have too many already... In the rules there is that sentence "Please, don �t use pictures taken from other ESL websites or books, even if you add your own exercises." that �s why I chose to share my document on the forum rather than upload it... but since you are a moderator, if you think I should upload it, maybe I will... I just didn �t want anyone to report my work...
have a nice sunday!

2 Jan 2011     


2 Jan 2011     


Thank you very much for this great worksheet
Happy New Year

2 Jan 2011     


A pity it �s partly in French but thanks for this kind offer anyway!

2 Jan 2011     


oups sorry!
Baiba thanks for telling me! i �ve updating the file ;)
here is the new link: http://www.mediafire.com/?fo7euwb0jbirb

2 Jan 2011     


Thank you for your generosity, dear ElodieHug

Have a happy new year, full of health, love and joy!

2 Jan 2011     


Merci Elodie Heart


2 Jan 2011     

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