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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Assessing classes - suggestions needed    

Assessing classes - suggestions needed


Assessing classes - suggestions needed
Hi everyone and a happy new year.
School will start tomorrow and I was interested in having some feedback from my students concerning the way classes have been conducted and also to get some useful suggestions from them. Does any of you happen to have any idea on what questions to ask them??
Thanks in advance...

2 Jan 2011      


I did the same thing last year
last year I asked my students to write on a piece of paper anything they want to say about the english class ie suggestions /problems / likes and dislikes ( say that they don`t have to write their names)
It really helps to get that feedback because as a teacher you can`t notice everything happening in your class
have a nice day

2 Jan 2011     


Have you thought of preparing a questionnaire?
You might have some simple questions regarding to your ss level and their interests.
Some questions might be included:
1- What was the most interesting lesson you have had during the last month?
2- Were the songs, material or submaterials( You name the materials used in that lesson or unit) used in lesson.... good and satisfying?
3- Which type of activities did you get involved in easily?
you can include VAK  learning STYLES in your questions according to your last lessons.
Also, what kind of class they d prefer to have.  They may like a certain way of making up their class, the chairs..etc.
Depending on some of these questions, you can take some points (feedback)into consideration and then you improve or reordering your stuff.
Hope you find it useful.
Wish you all the best!

2 Jan 2011     


At the end of each term, my sts fill in a self-evaluation form and there they are asked to make suggestions and comment the lessons. Happy New Year!

2 Jan 2011