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South Africa

your classroom
Hi everyone!
I �m interested...
When I was in school, (9 years ago) if the teacher wanted a TV / VCR in the classroom, she had to �book � it in advance, and it would be wheeled through to the classroom, used, and then returned. The same for most other �technical � equipment.
Now, teaching in Korea, and I expect in many other countries, it �s perfectly normal for every single classroom to have a large screen TV (often flat screen / touch screen / surround sound / fancy projector,) and a computer with an internet connection. I make use of this for teaching every single day, and can �t imagine teaching without it! I feel very lucky to have it :) and realise that many teachers don �t have access to this sort of thing.
I want to know, from all of you around the world: What equipment is available for you to use in the classroom?

3 Jan 2011      


I �m as lucky as you are, because there are some equipments in my class too.
there are  a lap top and a flat screen TV.
my teachers used to use tape for listening but
i don �t use tape and my students are really lucky to listen to the listening part with a great quality of cds !
i think most of us had the same experience of awful quality of listening but now all the problems are solved.
good for new students and i hope all of us do our best to use these facilities in the proper way.

3 Jan 2011     


Only in one of my classroom there is an interactive board; if I want to do a listening activity I can use a radio CD Smile but if I want to watch a video, I have to use the TV in another class and only with VHS Cry, so I never use it

3 Jan 2011     


Here in public High schools, the teachers are the ones who have to change classes every hour and students stay in the same classroom the whole morning (except for some classes)  but we have a couple of well equipped classrooms and students also have a computer per every two students in all classrooms, which makes things quite easy when we have to use the net and when teachers want to launch powerpoints or videos.

3 Jan 2011     


We still have to book everything in advance (TV / DVD / CD player, computers etc...). Some classrooms have a beamer and a white screen. We haven �t got an interactive board.

3 Jan 2011     


In my school all classrooms are equipped with OHP, a screen, a computer with internet access, some have IWB so I may consider myself lucky. If I want my students to work on the computer, I book a computer room (which are several in my school).

So technologically we don �t lack anything. Maybe it is the willingness of teachers to use the machines that sometimes is scarce........Approve

3 Jan 2011     


In our school we �ve got an interactive board in each classroom

3 Jan 2011     


We have interactive boards in every classroom but I agree with baiba ...there are so many teachers who are having trouble adapting. They are happy to use the digital programme for Cutting Edge but all the amazing features of our smartboards are mysteries to them even though they have all been obliged to pass a certificate in its use.
Having said all this I still...shock horror...use some cassette tapes( hate them but!), flash cards, the whiteboard, realia, etc.
Really isn �t teaching about using whatever is at hand to explain the point!
Cheers Joy

3 Jan 2011     

South Africa

We have chalk and a blackboard.  We have a photocopier to share.

3 Jan 2011     


We have one computer in every classroom. Most of the classrooms have IWB and OHP. TV and DVD players are also available to be shared but most teachers just use computers and IWBs. In some classrooms we have CD players and/or cassette players. Every teacher has a one hour lesson in the ICT Lab, but if we need more lessons we can book the time in advance.

3 Jan 2011     

miesies muis

At most of the schools in my country, we have only a chalk board. If I want to show a dvd I need to book it at the library. As far as I know we only have 2 workable cd players. I use my own laptop to show videos to the kids. We have a computer room where the children are taught computer skills, but in 2009 they broke into our computer room 3 times and stole every thing. I know that there are schools here that don �t even have class rooms for the kids. They have to make use of tents or simply sit under a tree. Be thankful for what you have!!!

3 Jan 2011     

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