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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > asking and giving directions    

asking and giving directions


asking and giving directions

Could you suggest me any idea or game for teaching turn left, turn right and go straight to my students?

Thank in advance

7 Jan 2011      



Check out these links:

Hope I ´ve helped a bit!

7 Jan 2011     

United Kingdom







7 Jan 2011     

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7 Jan 2011     


I hope it is useful http://artistsmaths.wikispaces.com/Directions

Write your comments, please


7 Jan 2011     


I don ´t know if this is an option in your class..

what is really fun to do is to draw (or paste with sticky tape) a path on the floor. Students need to work in pairs. One is blindfolded and the other needs to give instructions. he can only use ´go straight ´ ´turn right/left ´ and ´stop ´. they are not allowed to touch each other. You can make it harder by placing small items on the sides of the path which they are not allowed to topple and take of points for everytime they stray from the path. If you have, you can make the path out of playing blocks (like in kindergarten), that way you have both elements at once. If you have the possibility, a labyrinth gives an added fun element. You can add competition by timing how long it takes them to reach the end (distract for items toppled)

7 Jan 2011     

United Kingdom

When I taught ´ ´instructions ´ ´ to my Year 7 class, I paired the students up (one at a time), blindfolded (with my scarf) one student and his/her pair had to guide him/her accross the room (i told the student who gave the instructions where I wanted him/her to be guided) using the phrases: ´ ´tirm right ´ ´ etc. THEY LOVED IT.

7 Jan 2011     


When I taught my 5th graders I "invented" gestures (well more like moves) for turn right/left, straight, next to, opposite and used them for the physical activity for each class when we had directions. I also made picture cards of places in the city and draw a city map on the board and hung out flash cards for the places in the city, marked the "place" where we were on the map and had the students play a lost tourist and a policeman. The students would randomly choose the card with a place in a city and then had to ask the "policeman" how could they get there. They spoke in pairs and swapped roles.

7 Jan 2011     


Thank you
I am  really pleased for your ideas. I will practise all of them

8 Jan 2011