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ESL forum > > Lots of wss from eslprintables in another place    

Lots of wss from eslprintables in another place


Lots of wss from eslprintables in another place
I posted this yesterday evening in the forum, but as it is now below a lot of new threads, maybe a lot of people missed it. so there it goes again.


9 Jan 2011      


Due to coyote.chus s vigilance I found one of my ws there so I recommend u all take a look and if you find one of your ws there, e-mail the site. 

I ve e-mailed them already.  If we all take action then maybe something will be done.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday :)

Hugs from sunny Thessaloniki

9 Jan 2011     


Thank you, coyote.

I find the site quite hard to navigate, I guess none of my ws is there cuz they re mostly non-editable and copyrighted, I hope I am right.

9 Jan 2011     


Dear Alex, isn t this ...tiring ?
I guess we ll always have this kind of behaviour, & I must say I m no longer on the Net - well, not as often as I used to be. Btw, thank you Coyote.chus for your job!
I hope this is NOT a pessimistic post - .... - but I can t help thinking it s a real shame some people just cannot be trusted. Oh, well, I might be getting old LOL I even started deleting some of my ws some time ago - till I realized it was ...silly!! ( & the second time! LOL!!)
Fortunately, there are posts like Julia s, & people not as tired as I feel now!
And....I even have the pleasure to get mails from people here, sending me their ws!!!! Today, Elojolie274 has sent me her work about movies! Soooooo, in the end, it is worth logging in!Big smile 
Some people do behave, some people do share...& I thank them for it.
Have a great Sunday - & week.
PS : I wish I sounded happy & funny, but as far as Free Education is concerned in my country - I m not. ( Quite out of the topic - I know!Wink) France seems to be too full of itself, thinking were great!!. French people think they once had a revolution, & thats it! : Were the best!. Im telling you all my countrys policy towards Education is a real disgrace. France is not taking care of its kids. I hope the banks feel OK.

9 Jan 2011     


I can t manage to find where the worksheets are! Wacko
Do you mind sending me the link?
Thank you and ciao

9 Jan 2011     



or www.detailenglish.com
then click on Downloads and then in Grammar worksheets or vocabulary worksheets.

I think you can t access ther from internet explorer. It s OK with Mozilla.

9 Jan 2011     


Thank you

9 Jan 2011