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Word of the Day (WOD)

United States

Word of the Day (WOD)
Thanks Marion for the honors,
The last WOD was "omphaloskepsis" meaning, "contemplating one ´s bellybutton".
My definiton was:
om -oma (German word for grandma)
phalo-having to do with a phalus (male reproduction organ)
omphaloskepsis- what Oma experiences when Opa (Grandpa) says he ´s feeling sexy and wants to "give it a go"
The newest WOD is an old English word:
Have fun with the word and no dictionary/internet definitions please. Be creative!

21 Jan 2011      

United Kingdom



The nickname of a really bad song writer

"His songs stink, his lyrics are really p**p...."

21 Jan 2011     

United States

There is a small island off of the southern tip of Chile and Argentina in the Drake Passage where a peculiar little bird nests. This bird is called the liri. The liri is known for the vat amount of guano that it produces, about four times its own body weight every day. This guano is rich in phosphates and thus makes a great fertilizer. This fertilizer is known as liripoop.

21 Jan 2011