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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > I m learning new things in English day by day : ))    

I m learning new things in English day by day : ))


I m learning new things in English day by day : ))
Hey collegues good morning/evening !
I m a bit confused :) my little son always watches "Luli" do you know it? a TV Channel for the kids.
  and naturally we always watch it ( we have to  actually) Wink  Anyway I saw a sentence in that channel..It was "THE COW GOES MOW"  in my life of English , i have never used  "goes mow"... If i were the author of that programme i would say "The cow says mow" 
     OK. Is there any logical explanation for it?Ouch

21 Jan 2011      


The verb �go � can be used this way.
But it should be �The cow goes Moo � (not Mow)
There �s a whole children �s song
Cow goes moo moo,
horse goes neigh neigh
cat goes..... etc
And there �s the Trolley Song, with Ding Ding Ding goes the bell.
The horn on the bus goes �Beep Beep Beep �
There is even a tendency for young persons [ not me ;-) ] to use go instead of say, which I think sounds terrible, but you get used to it. I suppose that �s how the language changes.
eg: He goes � What did ya do that for? �
We usually ask � What does a cow say? �
What sound does a cow make?

21 Jan 2011     


hımm... thanks for ur explanation ApodoThumbs Up
the only thing we should do is getting used  to it : )) by the way the name of the programme is "the cow goes moo" i have been mistaken while writing it. 
  thanks again..and have a nice day/evening ..

21 Jan 2011     


There �s a well-known children �s English song:
The wheels on the bus -
some of the lines refer to actions, but some refer to sounds:
The wheels on the bus go round and round...
The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish
The horn on the bus goes honk honk honk
The baby on the bus goes wah wah wah
The mother on the bus goes sh sh sh
It �s a common way to refer to sounds!

21 Jan 2011     

United States

The PPT presentation I made on onomatopoeia. Check it out it might be helpful. I also made another on animal sounds but it is too big to upload here. I have it at work so I won �t have access until Monday. I can send it to you then.

21 Jan 2011     


Thanks for your replies .. i ve understood that �s the way of saying sounds..
Yeap!onomatopoeia i remember it :) when i was at the university it was the word that i like most..thanks,thanks again Thumbs Up

24 Jan 2011