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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Oxford vs US English Question-Kathy    

Oxford vs US English Question-Kathy

United States

Oxford vs US English Question-Kathy

Hi Everybody,

I have a question concerning the pronunciation of the name "Kathy". 
In the USA the "a" is pronounced the same way as in the word "cat".  I have a large number of students who want to pronounce the "a" as in the word "play". 
The mistake is so common that I have begun to wonder if it isn�t an Oxford/USA thing.
Can anybody shine some light on this subject for me?

21 Jan 2011      

United Kingdom

Hi Douglas, 
Kathy is pronounced the same on both sides of the pond, (or Caffee in some parts of London and south east England). There is however the name Katy which was very popular in the UK a few years ago and that is pronounced Kaytee. Both are short versions of Catherine so I guess that is where the confusion arises.

I hope this helps

21 Jan 2011     

United States

I suspect you �re right on this one Frank--this is the same thing I �ve been telling my students all along, but when a mistake becomes SOO common, one has to start wondering if he himself isn �t wrong.

21 Jan 2011     


try here:
I hope it helps.

21 Jan 2011