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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Ruby Bridges īs story    

Ruby Bridges īs story


Ruby Bridges īs story
Hello, just a quick question:
Would you write:
Ruby Bridges īs story or ruby bridges � story?
From what I know, you īre only supposed to omit the "s" if the noun before is plural, eg: the babies � prams.
You īre supposed to keep the "s" with people īs names, eg: This is James īs car.

Still, on this particular example, I feel it īs a bit weird and hardly palatable to keep the "s"...
Does anyone know for sure what should be used?
Thanks a lot for your answers.

24 Jan 2011      

United States

I think I would make an exception for this one and say Ruby Bridges � story even though she is singular (problem being, of course that bridges is plural).

24 Jan 2011     


thanks a lot Douglas!

24 Jan 2011     

United States

When it īs a multi-syllable last name ending in "s", most people would agree with Douglas on this. I īm more stubborn and would use Bridges īs, but probably wouldn īt pronounce the final "s", which is cheating.
Wow! I just thought about Ruby Bridges and her family together. They are the Bridgeses (although many people in the US would call them the Bridges �, because too many of my countrymen don īt know enough about apostrophes).

24 Jan 2011