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ESL forum > Teaching material > An idea about frames and other decorations    

An idea about frames and other decorations

United States

An idea about frames and other decorations
Dear Victor and colleagues,

I had an idea that would be helpful to everyone.
How about a page where teachers can share frames and other decorations - for free.
No points involved.
Many members would love to make pretty worksheets but don�t have the necessary
tools or skills. 
A free-for-all sharing page could end the problem of people earning points just for uploading
frames and decorations.

9 Dec 2008      


please stop,

Nobody gets points for uploading.

The value of a ws is in the number of downloads other people make.

9 Dec 2008     


Wouldn�t it be easier to add other entry under ESL Forum bearing  something like "Graphic stuff",  where members would contribute with links on frames, borders and clip-art?

9 Dec 2008     

United States

Well, because so many people ask each other here on this site if they would
send a frame or border. And because so many have been uploading
borders with no ESL content, that I thought we could just have a page
where people could share those things  - just to share, with no points involved.

And no Kevin - I won�t stop.  This frame, borders thing has been a big issue
on this board for weeks now. Uploading a border usually ends with downloading
a border  for points although there are no teaching materials involved.
That is what the discussion has been about.

My suggestion was just a way for people to help each other - for free, so
we didn�t have to hear about borders and points anymore.

9 Dec 2008     

United States

Thank you Tere - that is exactly what I�m saying.

I don�t need a "duh" explanation from Kevin about what uploading and downloading is all about.

9 Dec 2008