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ESL forum > Teaching material > Need info/ideas about teaching negative questions    

Need info/ideas about teaching negative questions

United States

Need info/ideas about teaching negative questions
Hey all:
I�ll be teaching negative questions in a few days (questions such as "Don�t you know what time class starts?") and can see the difficulty in conveying this idea. Does anyone have any suggestions or handouts? I did a search and couldn�t find anything.

9 Dec 2008      

New Zealand

hi soni,
Maybe look up sarcasm or sarcastic sentence forms. 

10 Dec 2008     


Very funny :)

You have to be careful with negative questions as they can sound very sarcastic. �I think with examples and tone you could convey the idea. �Very similar to absent question tags: "You are a teacher?" That sounds really offensive, doesn�t it, and I better explain it�s an example of sarcasm not a comment on Sonic or Vickii. OK?

You need to take something blatantly not true, with the most light hearted student you have and start asking the negative questions, but be very careful with this otherwise your student may take offence (which would mean that they understood). �

I see what you mean by the searching, it returns all "negative" and "question" not not both together.

Doesn�t anybody have a ws for this man?

10 Dec 2008     


You could copy and paste the questions from this quiz and then discuss them with your students or else do it online. Be careful, question 10 marks you as wrong when you give the right answer.
Advanced Grammar In Use by Martin Hewings has an excellent section on negative questions if you can get hold of a copy.

10 Dec 2008     



Click on download then give your email address (or a false one if you don�t want to leave your own). The whole of Hewings book will come up as a scanned document and you can print of the relevant page for your students (unit 34). I recommend that you buy the book though. This copy isn�t the best quality.

10 Dec 2008     

United States

Thanks for all of you help! Loved your question about anyone having a ws, kevin!

10 Dec 2008