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Help Please,False report


Help Please,False report

Hi all

I ´ve been uploading conversation worksheets in the form of ad discussions.I wanted to upload at most 6 a week,so I published the first 6 almost 10 days ago and nothing abnormal happened.

The second series,however, have just been reported,Though I got some really great comments.I ´m confused and sad.

please tell me what possibly could have happened,and how can I stop this?Can I send Victor a message?

here is a link to one of the worksheets from the first series and another to one of the reported ones:



(I know the rules about not using the forum to advertise worksheets, but if you have easy access to the worksheets you can more precisely  tell me what to do.)




13 Feb 2011      

Czech Republic

I think it was reported by mistake...

On the other hand, if you have prepared a series of worksheets on advertisements, it would be really nice if you could upload several pictures (several pages) in one file. You may try to resize the pictures.
 It is recommended to share the series in one file if possible and it is really useful for the downloaders - your colleagues...

Cheer up, your worksheet is going to stay, the moderators vote against its removal.

13 Feb 2011     


Thanks for replying that quick.And thanks for voting against removing them.

And The reason for me to upload one pic in one ws is merely for the ws to be aesthetically pleasent,cause the first aim of an add is to capture attention(here the learners)and when resized,the message is really difficult to convey.Smile So I really don ´t know what to do.Can I add more vocabulary items instead?

13 Feb 2011     

Mariethe House

Teachers are clever little things and they know how to adapt teaching material , for example if I needed your ws, I would download it and project it with a overhead projector that would enlarge it to my  needs and then give  the students a B&w copy  to put in their file! So If I were you I would try to resize the pictures! Just as simple as that!Smile

13 Feb 2011     


OK,thanks for suggesting this,and thanks in general

13 Feb 2011