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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > TEACHING VOCABULARY AND STRUCTURE !!!    



I HAVE TO TEACH: A group type class ( at most 8 students), attending a 4 week course, 4 hrs a week, seeking to learn vocabulary and English structure: What approach should I choose to teach vocabulary, what approach should l take once students will produce linguistic tasks, what should I  target while teaching English structure?? I need some suggestions please! Thank you in advance..

19 Feb 2011      


what I would do:
1) choose a final task (ex: you are a journalist and you have interviewed a Hollywood star, write the article)
2) you have the theme you will work on, now you need to specify the grammar structures and vocabulary you will tackle (ex: questions, present, past, would like to... - films, Hollywood, family, job, dreams...)
3) find activities to help your pupils complete the final task (ex: an article similar to the final task = about a football player for example, a listening where a journalist interviews someone famous or not - an activity that helps the pupils practice questions = a game like "find someone who...")
but that ´s what teachers have to do in France, I don ´t know how it works in Cyprus - or wherever you work...) = it ´s the method designed the Council of Europe in the CEFR http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/linguistic/cadre_EN.asp?
take care

19 Feb 2011     


Thanks a lot. Very useful idea :))) Take care 

19 Feb 2011