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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > please heeeelp !!    

please heeeelp !!


please heeeelp !!
HI everybody ! for those who are merciful and generous - this is an SOS I am in big troubles and now the bells are tolling loudly :
well i teach english in a rural school means far from the city about 30 km and the inhabitants of this region are deeply linked to the rural life  -cows -sheeps - ..etc .
This is my 8th year of work in that school unfortunatly the results have never shone inpite my efforts and numerous methods and techniques used but invain no motivation ,no  interest and no efforts .
in three words not more :   WHAT TO DO ?

19 Feb 2011      


It must be really tough on you teaching kids who lack motivation. But you know, where I come from it ´s more of a general tendensy, though I live in the city and teach at a specialized school (English is the major) and my students don ´t have cows or gardens to tend to. There are other things that distract them, like free online coputer games or social networks. 
There used to be graded vocabulary builders (like course books with illustrations or comic strips) have you ever tried one of those before? If you have a benefit of a computer in your classroom, Oxford Advanced Learner ´s Dictionary has a CD-rome, which includes an in-built illustrated vocabulary builder. You can have a look here. And then there ´s also a method of associations (I guess you know it) These are just general ideas. It ´s really hard to give you any decent piece of advice here, as through those eight years of teaching you have probably tried a lot of things.
Wishing you the very best,

20 Feb 2011     

United Kingdom

Dear Mrfateh,


I won’t give any specific Lesson Instructions.  I will talk about How to Increase Motivation!


When you teach your students in the English Class, describe ALL the advantages of speaking English!  Say it in every Lesson!  Paint a wonderful picture of your students in 1, or 2, or 3 years’ time, when they can speak English, but some of their friends can’t speak English!

I know that it is difficult, but be enthusiastic and try to make it sound exciting and adventurous.


“Just think how clever you will be, compared to your friends who can’t speak English!”


“Now and in the future, languages will be VERY important for Trade, Politics, and Tourism with other countries, and these things mean Money!”


“Students, think of how language is important in the world and how speaking another language could change your life --- Employment, (and Employment gets you Money); Tourism in the city; jobs in Interpreting; jobs in Translating; jobs as an English Teacher; Tour Guide; possibility of Travel; Holidays in another country; Telephoning in English; Texting in English; Prestige among your friends; a better Social Position for you; Improved Education; Certificates and Diplomas; New Friends; E-mails; Online Chat; Skype; listen to Radio; watch TV; understand the Internet in English; More Knowledge inside you; Better Knowledge of Other Languages; you will understand Foreign Books; Foreign Newspapers; Foreign Films; and so on.”


“Remember, ‘In the Country of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King!’  Even speaking a little bit of English will make you a Very Important Person!”


“It’s a whole New World!”


"Every Country needs Trade; Trade needs Communication with other Nationalities;  Communication needs Language!"

“In the future, any young person who does not speak another language will be at a BIG disadvantage for EMPLOYMENT!”

“More and more young people go to work in other countries, so they MUST speak the other language”.


“But most of all”, (tell them Mrfateh), “when you can speak another language, it is FUN”.


“In this Class, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn English and so increase your chances of Employment!  You should try to learn!  I guarantee that you will improve!”


If you can think of someone from your area, or your country, (possibly yourself), whose life was changed and improved dramatically because that person learned English, you can quote that individual as a good role-model to follow.  If you can find a famous person, such as a film-star, for example, that would be excellent!

Be enthusiastic, and your enthusiasm will transfer to your students!
I hope that I have given you a little bit of help and encouragement.



20 Feb 2011     


First of all....Respect for trying to do everything possible for your students for the last 8 years..Clap It must be very frustated sometimes with students who are not motivated at all.
I think Les and Sophia have given you some valuable advice.
I often tell my students what learning English can mean for them in the future. It can open doors that otherwise would be closed. Some listen to it and try to do their best. Others won ´t listen whatever you say or do.
Maybe it ´s also an idea to involve the parents and also tell them about the advantages of learning a language like English? They can also talk about this at home....
Good luck with everything!!

20 Feb 2011     


Excellent advice from Les.

Tell them they could also use English as a secret language amongst themselves, using it when they don ´t want their parents or other friends to know what they ´re saying!

20 Feb 2011     


That ´s funny but it really works, Philip!
Some people think I ´m "crazy" but I gave this suggestion to three brothers (at the advanced stage) - because they used to have an invented "secret language" - and their progress was incredible from that day on.
I wasn ´t stimulating a secret language (which I know all teens have) but just suggesting they replaced the language they created by English.

20 Feb 2011     

Greek Professor

Good Morning...

Excellent advice Les...and everyone else of course...Well said.
I think motivation is the biggest thing. I would also go for game with conversation cards as well...Maybe that will get them started.
I sought of bribe them. I have a sticker board on the wall and everytime they have used the language in the class in each lesson I put a sticker on the board and at the end of each month I give them chocolate or stationary as a small token of appreciation for using the language...
Well good Luck.

20 Feb 2011     

United States

Many children don ´t see the point of learning something unless they can see a reason for it.
I would start teaching vocabulary - there where the children feel confident - which is their own environment.

Take a walk around the school, town, on a farm, in the general area - and point out things they know and talk about them in English. Tell them the whole world would love to know about the place they live and why it is important to learn these words in English.
Point out the animals - trees, houses, streets all the things you see and make questions, sentences and answers.

Hope this helps

20 Feb 2011     


HELLO EVERYBODY  and my greatest apologies to all who replied to my sos about motivation i rea

10 Mar 2011     


i read all the suggestions attentively some of them were suitable to my conditions and others were not always the case . once again thank you so much and i am doing my best to get ride of this nightmare .

10 Mar 2011     


I can understand how frustrating it is when our hard efforts don ´t give the results.
Make teams and ask them to write if not possible do one skit. Let it be about the world in which they live. Give away the prices. Let other students be the judges and even let the spectators get the opportunity to judge.  Hope it works

11 Mar 2011