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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > A man can t do more than he can do. What says Don Ferdinando?     

A man can t do more than he can do. What says Don Ferdinando?


A man can t do more than he can do. What says Don Ferdinando?
Hi friends..Hello from Turkey! I m going to teach american proverbs to my Ss. But i don t understand what means the expression at the top  "What says Don Ferdinando?" what does it mean guys..can u explain it? thanks in advance..have a nice day/evening..

23 Feb 2011      

United Kingdom

I ve never heard of it, but it probably means something along the lines of how can you disagree? (ie it s a fairly empty phrase). Maybe it s related to:
The man from DelMonte, he say YES!
(apologies to anyone else who likes to sign off with silly advertising slogans) ; )

23 Feb 2011     

United States

I ve never heard of it either but it sounds like it means that the man has done all he can do to the best of his abilities and is asking for Don Fernandos opinion. It seems part of a dialog. It also reminds me of "A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do."

23 Feb 2011     


Yeah! i have understood the first part as you have mentioned but the second part doesnt make me any sense : ) maybe it is related to a dialog if so, it can be logical.thank you for your replies ..

23 Feb 2011