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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > "What s your name?" Game    

"What s your name?" Game


"What s your name?" Game
Is there any cool activity I can use with students related to "introducing yourself"?
They re 10-14. And I can t think of one good game right now.

Please, help me.

23 Feb 2011      


I have a stack of cards with questions written on them. I ask students to sit/stand in a circle and every person takes a new card and has to answer the question. Then I sometimes - depending on ability - ask the others to guess what the question was. I used this method quite often and they loved it.
ETA: They have to say their name before answering the question and then after theyd answered the questions, Id ask them questions about each other e.g. What was Johans favourite colour?

23 Feb 2011     


For the younger ones a game like the Introduction game on this website, maybe: 

And for a bit older ones a "Find someone who..." . You can use a template like the one suggested here:


or write your own questions. 

Here are some more tips:

I ve tried "Find someone who..." and it can be pretty fun. 

23 Feb 2011     


Another idea for an icebreaker/ warm up would be to use famous names since they love the idea of being famous, even for a few seconds and produces quite a lot of laughs.  The idea is to have pairs so that they have to find the other half of the pair.

5 Mar 2011