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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Reading numbers and temperature    

Reading numbers and temperature

Alyona C.

Reading numbers and temperature
I know my questions are stupid but I need your help now.
I �m confused about reading 703,700. Is it seven hundred and three thousand and seven hundred? Do I need to use and twice there?
What about 432,777,444? Where do we put and?

How to read -35 Celsius? Minus thirty-five degrees (preposition???) Celsius?

Thanks in advance.

23 Feb 2011      


the number 703,700 is said "seven hundred and three thousand, seven hundred".
The number
432,777,444 is said "four hundred and thirty two million, seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand, four hundred and fourty-four".

as for temperature, I think it is more common to say 35 degrees below zero.

23 Feb 2011     

United Kingdom

I agree with Coyote about the numbers. But for the temperature, I would say minus 35 or minus 35 degrees celsius/centigrade.

23 Feb 2011     

Olindalima ( F )


Seven hundred and three thousand and seven hundred.

I was not good at Maths, you know? Neither was I at English, as you can see.

24 Feb 2011     


I agree with Kaz76.....

24 Feb 2011     

United States

Despite all the agreement above, I am going to dissent. I teach Math, and the word "and" is never correctly used in a whole number. "And" represents the decimal point.
703 is "seven hundred three"
35.6 is "thirty-five and six tenths"
Now, with that said as the official mathematical rule, I must agree that very few people follow it, so most people would agree with what the others have said.
35 below zero and minus 35 are both correct and common.

28 Feb 2011