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i have a question

Sleeping Beauty

i have a question
hi every one!
i have a question.would you answer it please?
i found some thing from wikipedia, they are really intresting and i love the subjest because it �s related to something for eating! any way, could you tell me if i can use the information and add some of my own exercises and not getting reported?
because I �m new here and i only use my own creation and this case is a historical and i need some resources.

thanks for all of your answers

have a nice time.

23 Feb 2011      

Colorful Dandelion

post what ever you want just a stupid person like blunderbuster can report all of them and then you will lose all your points!
what is the point about collecting them?

23 Feb 2011     


Hi Sleeping Beauty,
You can use things taken from the Internet provided that it is not an ESL site. wikipedia is OK, you can take a text from there, make a reading comprehension out of it, but you have to add your own exercises.

23 Feb 2011     


To aknowledge the source would also be a good idea.


23 Feb 2011     

Sleeping Beauty

thank you dear akanah  and coyote.chus Smile

have a nice time(here in Iran is 1.15 A.M)

23 Feb 2011