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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Verb "sit" irregular form    

Verb "sit" irregular form

Timar Marika

Verb "sit" irregular form


I need your help because I am a little confused.

As far as I know the three forms of the verb "sit" are sit - sat - sat, but I have found in many places used as "sit - sit - sit". Are both variants correct or the latter is just a mistake?

Thank you very much.�

24 Feb 2011      

United States

sit-sat-sat, I don �t know of any other

24 Feb 2011     


I agree with douglas it is : sit-sat-sat.

could they have mistaken it with set-set-set ?

24 Feb 2011     


It �s possible someone somehow thought that it �s the same type of verb as e.g. put, put, put; hit, hit, hit; etc.
Unfortunately no :) so it �s sit, sat, sat

I think the past participle isn �t too common because it would be more common to hear /say:
I �ve been sitting there for the whole course. Not:
I �ve sat there ....

26 Feb 2011     

United States

It depends on the situation, lalla99.
I �ve never sat in the balcony in that theater.
Have you ever sat on Santa �s lap?
He has sat in the principal �s office more times than he cares to remember.

28 Feb 2011