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ESL forum > Teaching material > Hi everybody i need some suggestions    

Hi everybody i need some suggestions


Hi everybody i need some suggestions
Hi! next week clases are starting and i would like to know if you could help me to start talking about some rules in class, what do you think, how should i present and talk about rules with students of 11 to 13 years old, what activity should i do with them , ... thanks!

25 Feb 2011      


What worked great with my 13-15 year olds was I made a simple rule list with corresponding consequences and posted it for them all to see.
Then I gave each of them it individually.

Then I made them each sign a sheet stating that they understood the rules and the consequences for breaking each rule.
I had next to no problems because of the � �contract � � idea.  We also talked about fareness and agreed the rules and consequences were fare.

25 Feb 2011     


Turn it around and ask them if they know any rules, what they think should be rules. Give them maybe a page with the rules and ask them to grade them from most important to least , let them discuss them in groups and each group can add a new rule too and they can vote on the new rules to see which stay and which go [their rules only ;o)] 
G �luck

25 Feb 2011     


First have a discussion with the students and brainstorm the common problems of a classroom.  Secondly ask them to list down most important problems. Finally ask them to find out the correct solution for each problem. You can easily convert the solutions into rules.
Teach them that by resolving bigger problems always smaller problems will be automatically resolved. Good luck and enjoy with your students � weired suggestions!!!Tongue Asma

25 Feb 2011     

United States

There is a book called "the first days of school" by Harry Wong. It is really a wonderful book and very helpful. It �s one of the few books I spent money on to learn about classroom management and I never regret it.

25 Feb 2011