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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > How to teach Present Perfect    

How to teach Present Perfect


How to teach Present Perfect
Hi everyone!
I am going to teach Present Perfect Tense this week . I am wondering in what way I can make an introduction and what techniques I can use. Thanks.

2 Mar 2011      



You can make them write a poem. Google "scott thornbury" and on his website you will find a poem which Ss complete later on. Sort of:

I �ve heard....(birds singing)
I �ve seen....(people dying)
I �ve tasted....
I �ve touched.....
I �ve smelled ...

I will never forget it.

Or something like that. Whatever they write it sounds quite poetic anyway:) And they enjoy it.
Boys can write rap or something like that:)

I don �t know what age your Ss are so I don �t really know what else you might need:)

Hope to be of some help.


2 Mar 2011     


For the first contact with it I like to ask students, without any other introduction, questions in this manner:

                      Do you often travel to China?
                      Are you travelling to China tomorrow?
                      Did you travel to China yesterday?

                      (These should all be questions bidding a "no" reply)

                      Then finally, "Have you ever travelled to China?!"  
                       (with this last one I use a flourish of arms to emphasize the meaning)

Students instinctively know what it means and get the idea.  Then you can repeat with the other students and draw a time-line on your blackboard to explain the idea of the present perfect, how we use it mostly when we �re talking about an action which occurs in a period of time starting in the past but continuing up to the present, for instance: today, this week, this month, this year, lately, one �s life (as in the case of ever).  Ask a lot of questions from there on and add reading material with written questions and slowly introduce the different terms usually used with Present Perfect (yet, already, just, ever, lately, so far, etc.--separately so as not to confuse them).  

It �s something that I like to teach.  Hope it helps you.

2 Mar 2011     


As for an introduction:
1. Uncompleted action where both actor and results remain.( The contrast with the past simple as well. )
 a. Gegraphical or currently relevent inf. from fact sheets. The building was a stable, but it has been a children �s theatre for 10 years.
b. an anniversay:  We have been married for...
c. protest against new rules, a new road, or other changes: We �ve always played soccer here.
 This site might also be helpful:

3 Mar 2011     


   Well, I use worksheets to introduce the present perfect it can be with some pictures and board games to practice it
I hope this can help you ok?

3 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

I always start like this: I go to the door, open it, close it and say:"I opened the door." Then I go to the door again, open it, leave it open and say:"I have opened the door."
Then I write a word on the board and then I erase it. I say:" I wrote...". Then I write the same word and leave it on the board and I say: " I have written...".

3 Mar 2011