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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > why this question without be?    

why this question without be?

annisa ahsa

why this question without be?
Hi, I �m a teacher from Indonesia,,
I need your help,
when I was teaching about greeting, the example of conversation was:

A : Hi, I �m Rick
B : Hello, I �m Angela
A : Where are you from Angela?
B : I �m from Japan. How about you?
A : I �m from Mexico.
My student ask "ma �am the sentence "how about you?" is a question, why this question without "be"? what �s kind of this sentence

unfortunately, I don �t know the answer, Cry
Is there any body can help me, please?
Thanks a lot for your help Smile

3 Mar 2011      

Czech Republic

Annisa, that�s a standard phrase used for implying the question asked last time.  The person asked that question knows he/she should answer the question which was previosly asked.
In your example the previous question was "Where are you from, Angela?". Angela answered "I�m from Japan." And now she wants to ask Rick the same question "Where are you from?" But it is not neccessary when you use the phrase "How about you?" or "What about you?" because Rick knows that the last question was "Where are you from?" And you can use any of them - How or What about you? It�s up to you.
I hope it is clear for you. Wink

3 Mar 2011     

United States

ohermann explained it very well. Angela could also have said, "I �m from Japan. And you?"

3 Mar 2011     

dian dnd

wow, it �s a great and a clear explaination

3 Mar 2011