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ESL forum > Teaching material > WHAT ´S UP 3 - book- audio files?    

WHAT ´S UP 3 - book- audio files?


WHAT ´S UP 3 - book- audio files?
Hi dear friends! 
 who can help me please?
My Cd doesn �t work anymore and I need the audio files of WHAT �S UP 3 students book... Has anybody got an idea where I can find them?

Thanks in advanceTongue

3 Mar 2011      

United Kingdom

You could try www.englishtips.org

4 Mar 2011     


Hi everybody!
Hilarious, isn �t it? Enjoy!


A telephonic conversation�

-Hello are you there?

-Yes, who are you, please?


-What�s your name?

-Watt is my name.

-Yes, what is your name?

-My name is John Watt.

-John what?


-???? I�ll call you again.

-All right. Are you Jones?

-No, I�m Knott.

-Will you tell me your name then?

-Will Knott.

-Why not?

-My name�s Knott.

-Not what?

-Not Watt, Knott!


4 Mar 2011