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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Downloading stolen worksheets    

Downloading stolen worksheets


Downloading stolen worksheets
Again, donīt be so mean... Weīre having a lot of worksheet thiefs lately, and I think the number is increasing BEACAUSE PEOPLE KEEP ON DOWNLOADING their stolen wksheets massively. Look at karenīs stolen wksheet today! 100 downloads! It deserves another 100 downloads , but use her own link for goodness sake! we wonīt get rid of this disgusting habit unless we DONīT DOWNLOAD what WE KNOW is stolen. I like to think that here, in this site, we help and inspire each other . I canīt stand those who take advantage of otherīs peopleīs generosity, do you? READ COMMENTS FIRST  and donīt cheat. Sorry for capital letters, but this is so annoying!

24 Sep 2008      


Hi Marta! you are right!! Iīm very sad because Karen reported the stolen worksheet when it had only 3 downloads!!and now it has 125!!! Why do people download an stolen worksheet?? I hope Victor cancel this  account in order not to let this member to use his points.


24 Sep 2008     


Hi Marta,Sirah
I completely agree with you Martha.
What you said is definetely true.
I am sick and tired of writing my ideas about this issue.
What makes me sick:There are some members who are constantly sending that  "thieves" thank you note.
It is impossible not to see warnings written in capitals as "STOLEN".When you send a comment,you have to pass other comments cos the box is under all the comments.Even if you pass them quickly,there is no chance to miss that warnings.
So why do you still help those thieves???
Just lose "a point"..Is it really important????
As I previously said you wonīt be given medals when you have lots of points.So please quit this obsesssion.
Letīs say,even if you did download that stolen material,please stop sending "thank you" comments.This is nothing but mocking the real owner in my opinion.I identified the members.They are always same.Never fail to send "thank you" note to the stolen ws.What a pity!!!!!
Dear my Karen,I am so sorry that this happened to you too.
Members please consider this:

No pain,no gain….


24 Sep 2008     


Yes... :( this burcu has more than 100 points using stolen material and its not fear... hope some day (im optimistic today hahahah yeah!! even if someone steals my ws :) all those "teachers" upload their own work... Its the right thing to do... Regards from Mexico and thanks Marta and Sirah for your support :)

24 Sep 2008     


thanks spring!!! totally agree with you!!! youīre a great person (and obviously an excellent teacher) :) regards

24 Sep 2008     


Btw,members please do not take my words above as an offence.
Of course people can make mistakes and you can download a stolen ws by mistake.This is not a problem.You can be distracted,in hurry e.t.c I am not criticizing this.We are all humans.Mistakes are for us.
And I am not talking about just the notes on Karenīs ws.But we should be a little bit careful.This is unfortunately becoming a comman problem.
What is upset some members are still in favour of downloading stolen ones.

24 Sep 2008     


I have just seen two stolen printables in the new ones. I have put a comentary and Iīm asking to others teachers to not download them. This situation is really disgusting.

25 Sep 2008