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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Learning Cell?!    

Learning Cell?!

Saudi Arabia

Learning Cell?!
My E. supervisor brought me som info about � � Learning Cell � � and wanted me to apply it on one of my classes but I �m confused a little about how to do it ? and what strategies are suitable for it? and which kinds of lessons?
I really need your help.
Thanks everyone.Thumbs Up

11 Mar 2011      


from what I know of this i think that you should decide a topic with the students first, then choose some students to do that. Depends on the age, class, subject et.. also. Are you talking about this?  If you could specify something more about the age etc... maybe I can give you some ideas. Have a nice day!!!

Learning Cell

Module tutors: various, depending on topic

Duration and timing: typically two hours per week, Summer Term


The idea of the learning cell is to give you the chance to pursue a single topic in depth for a five-week period of study. Ideally there should be between two and five members in each cell. The cells underline the belief that MBA students are well able to engage in self-directed learning and that they gain substantially from so doing.

The topic area should be suggested by the students and negotiated between the members of each cell and the supervisor. The area can be broad or narrow. The supervisor is normally a member of the School�s academic staff.


Coursework assignment

11 Mar 2011     

Saudi Arabia

Thanks marcella8161
I have those information but still confused.
My students are secondary schoolers (high schoolers) between the ages of 17-18
They have 4 classes per week and each class lasts for 45 min. That �s why I feel confused!
We have certain topics like discussing their career after graduation, calligraphy and also exploerers � expedition to Antarctica.
I appreciate your help thanks dear.

11 Mar 2011     


I don �t understand the source of your confusion. What is it that is not clear?
Do you think that you don �t have enough time to do it? I understand that you have some topics already in mind, so my advise  would be to try and draft down some kind of a plan and then you see it with some colleagues or your supervisor. Good luck! Smile

12 Mar 2011