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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD - on Vacation    

WOD - on Vacation


WOD - on Vacation
Hi everyone
Seeings as though the forum has gone awry I thought I�d take this opportunity to let you know that WOD has gone on vacation.
Yes, after 210 days since first posted by FranknBea WOD is having a well deserved break.  
The response to the SOS proved that WOD is not dying a slow natural death, not about to perish never to be seen again, not yet at its use by date, not about to kick the bucket, not about to bite the dust, not yet  going to the great quiz in the sky, not yet pushing up the daisies, not yet dead as a dodo, or even dead as a doornail.  WOD is just on a good break. 
Feel free to add your words of bon voyage etc to wish WOD a happy vacation
P.S. Last word Perissology

Noun � �Use of more words than are necessary; redundancy or superfluity of expression� � A useful word for editors: �Thanks for your 4,000-word submission. Unfortunately there is too much perissology in this piece for us to publish it.�


19 Mar 2011      

Mariethe House

Dear Jayho
thank you for your incredible solution to WOD �s painful stagnation.
This has given me an apportunity to enrich my vocabulary so here are a few pictures illustrating your imaginative expressions to thank you for fighting an honourable cause till the end!
So I wish WOD a happy vacation with these few pictures inspired by your researcher �s  talent!

as dead as a dodo

  Interesting to see the different images for the same idea in different languages!Smile

And finally: We don �t  push up  daisies

 but we( the French!) eat dandelions by the roots!!

  I �d much rather push up the daisies!!LOL But you know... French cuisine oblige...

Have a nice week end dear friend from downunder!

19 Mar 2011     


Hilarious Mariethe - just luvvvv those pics.  Just shows your level of imagination and innovation.
But I must tell you that I can�t take all the credit - WODs orginator, our very own DJ, sent me some of those in a recent PM about WODs possible demise. I didn�t know which to choose so I just used a selection of them. 

19 Mar 2011     


To quote the dead parrot sketch by Monty Python the WOD game has not or is not "bleeding demised, ceased to be, bereft of life, joined the choir invisible"
It is also nor grinning at daisy roots, giving up the ghost, cashing is it �s chips, jumping the last hurdle or answering the ever-lasting knock.
It �s just on holiday!

19 Mar 2011