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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Year 2010 debate revisited    

Year 2010 debate revisited


Year 2010 debate revisited
Just been mnessing around with text to voice, and my PC gave me it�s opinion.

Open windows explorer and enter "Control Panel/Speech"

Replace "you have selected micr...." �
with "year 2008" and press "test voice"
then agin with "year 2010" and press "test voice"

If you have a Spanish PC:
Open windows explorer and enter "Panel de Control/Voz"

It�s not descrimination but I don�t know it in other languages. �So If you�ve got a French, portugeuse PC etc.. please help out.

13 Dec 2008      





Sorry, the text to voice engines are very useful but we should use them carefully. All what they usually do is to read the words as they are written not as they should be said. I have some of the most elaborated engines. Yet, their designer let you the opportunity to control and set up some parameters to make some correction to how word should be said and pronounced.
To check this just try this sentence "I read a book yesterday." and "I read a book every day."

To answer your question if the figure you give refers to a date, the best way to read it (I think) is "twenty ten" as for "2008" which we should read "twenty O eight". but if it refers to a number, of course it should be read "Two Thousand Ten".

Hope it helps.

13 Dec 2008     


The number 2008 is said as: two thousand and eight.
The year is the same, but some US speakers leave out the �and�
To say twenty O eight sounds informal ( & US).
The number 2010 is said as: two thousand and ten.
The year is the same, but maybe some US speakers would leave out the �and�
The year can also be said as: Twenty ten  (This sounds less formal)

14 Dec 2008     


My PC text to voice read "year 2008" as "Year two thousand and eight"
It read "year 2010" as "year twenty ten"�
That�s the point I was trying to make but I wanted you to hear the PC�s opinion for yourselves

good point about the book, it works really really well with numbers though. �(US pronouncaition)

16 Dec 2008