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What is the meaning of the word WARREN?

                                  Example: The year is 2147. It is a normal day in Warren Number 5.
                 How Is the correct pronunciation of the year 2147?

21 Mar 2011      


war�ren   /ˈwɔrən, /wawr-uhn,


1. a place where rabbits breed or abound.

2. a building or area containing many tenants in limited or crowded quarters.


As I �ve learned, the years must be read in 2 digits: 21 - 47 (unless they have zero �s in between as 2001, etc, then they must be read as a normal number)


Hope this helps.

21 Mar 2011     

United Kingdom


Re �warren�: presumably you�re referring to this. When you checked your dictionary, did you think the author was referring to rabbits?

NB (not aimed solely at you, Marah): when asking for help for a specific word or phrase where a dictionary alone can�t help, it helps if you can give as much information as you can (in one post) as briefly as you can: source, context and, if you can be bothered, your reason for asking. You might even post a link (like the hyperlink above) as an added aid.


21 Mar 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

I loved the hyperlink

22 Mar 2011