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ESL forum > Teaching material > Exchanging a cultural box    

Exchanging a cultural box


Exchanging a cultural box
Hi everyone,
We have an English club at school.I want to send a box to another school from another country.I will send some photos, articles ,definitions etc in the box.My student and I will prepare this box.If you want to send us yours please pm me.This is a kind of cultural project .Thanks

22 Mar 2011      


hi i really want help but don �t know how can i send them to you and what types of work to you want me to send

22 Mar 2011     


I really wanted to do this project at the beginning of this school year. I learnt about the idea from British Council website. I �ve been trying to contact them all summer by e-mail to arrange things ahead of time but there was no answer for a long time... then I got a message from their representative in Kyiv (our capital city) and they told me I could register at the globalgateway website and look for a partner school there. I never tried, got involved in other things but may be I �ll try next year (God willing). It �s too late fro me to start a project this school year as we have about 2 months of school left and it �s going to be all about tests and exams now. But I suggest you try find your partner through globalgateway. Just like you I came here but didn �t get any response (probably because I was looking for a partner class of a specific age group and it had to be from an English-speaking country) So I �ve been in your shoes sort of and would really like to wish you luck and I hope it works for you. 
For those of you, who are interested in doing this project, here �s a description.

22 Mar 2011     

Anna P

We owe to Maria Montessori the idea of having Cultural boxes in the classroom.  I`m not a classroom teacher anymore but I used to have fantastic boxes with items from several countries.  Each continent had a box, or rather a container typical from one of the countries - an African basket, a Japanese box...  Since my students traveled a lot and many were from various countries (I used to work at an international school) parents always  brought something interesting from the countries they visited.  We had a small box with pebbles from a beach in France, a troll from Denmark, coins, stamps, shells, artifacts...  A lot of things that enriched my classroom and broadened my young students` horizons.
I encourage you to hang on to this idea.

23 Mar 2011     

Saudi Arabia

That sounds a nice idea! I hope we can contact to arrange for what we can do.

27 Mar 2011