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Hi everyone!
I am organizing the project called EASTER EGGSCHANGE. I am looking for some countries who are celebrating Easter and would like to participate in it. The idea is to exchange Easter īs wishes by making an Easter  colourful egg or an Easter bunny. All the studentsī works we are going to  put to the big envelopes and send to different schools  all  of the world. Let me know if you are interested. Do not hesitate to contact me.

 Greetings form Poland, Anna

22 Mar 2011      


Dear, Anna,
It īs not recommended to post your e-mail address in the forum where it īs accessible to whoever comes across eslprintables on the Net, not just eslprintables ī users. So please, remove your email address from your post (you can do it easily by clicking the "edit the post" and making the necessary changes, then sending it back again) for your own safety. you can send it to people who get interested in your project by pm.

22 Mar 2011     


It īs always plural. We can īt say the rest of the holidays was fantasic. What comes after the word "rest" which detrmines whether the verb is plural or singular.

23 Mar 2011     


Dear Anna,
YOur idea sounds interesting to me. I īll ask my students and let you know how many are interested. I think we can exchange eatereggss!!
Kind regards,

23 Mar 2011